Oxford Eats: Top steak outs

Oxford Eats: Top steak outs

Once upon I time, I would only eat a steak if it was ‘well done’. As I have gotten older, my steak’s become rarer. Maybe that has a lot to do with where I buy steak from. If eating at home, I tend to treat myself by going to the butcher, or sourcing the finest range in a supermarket.

Lauren Ellen | raspberry and chocolate oatmeal cookies

Raspberry and chocolate oatmeal bites

I am always looking for healthy, but tasty alternatives – especially when it comes to snacking. I found inspiration for these raspberry and chocolate oatmeal bites on Pinterest. They are super easy to make, veggie friendly and gluten-free and taste yummy.

Lauren Ellen | 5 Happy moments

5 Happy moments

How is it (almost) mid-April? I thought last year went quickly, but this year seems to be on a mission to out-do 2016! Work has been super busy which is why (again!) my blog has taken a bit of a back seat.