5 must-listen to podcasts

5 must-listen to podcasts

Ok, so I accept that I’m quite late to join the podcast world. In fact, I only listened to my first podcast series last month. I got bored of having to choose between my Spotify playlists or dead silence in the office, so I ventured out.

Lauren Ellen | 5 Happy moments

5 Happy moments

How is it (almost) mid-April? I thought last year went quickly, but this year seems to be on a mission to out-do 2016! Work has been super busy which is why (again!) my blog has taken a bit of a back seat.

Top steak eats in Oxford

5 Happy Moments

It’s been while but I’m back – again, ha!
Honestly, I miss my blog so much but I just struggle to give it the love and attention it needs. I’ve been looking at what I want my blog to be, which can be one the most hardest things to decide on.