Oxford eats | Portabello restaurant | Lauren Ellen

Oxford eats | Portabello Restaurant

On a very rare sunny Sunday afternoon, I headed to Portabello restaurant in Oxford for a late lunch.
Just as a bit of background for those of you who are not too familiar with Oxford, Portabello restaurant is in Summertown (North Oxford) which is known as the ‘nicer’ part of Oxford.

Oxford eats | Wagamama

Oxford eats | Wagamama

Wagamama has always been popular. All you have to do is look at the queue of people outside the door.
Until recently, I hadn’t actually been to the Wagagama in Oxford.

Lauren Ellen | Oxford eats | the best pizza in Oxford

Oxford eats | The best pizza in Oxford

One Friday afternoon, I was sat at work craving a good pepperoni pizza! Not just the usual dominos take out style, but a freshly made, thin based type pizza. I was meeting my sister in town after work, so I was on a mission to find a good pizza restaurant that I hadn’t been to before. First stop….