Spring Beauty Specials

good ideas for dating profiles I have seen lots of posts with ‘March Favourites’ which I love! I have found myself using the above items throughout March but also continuing to use through April, so I felt I would share my favourites for the Spring season (part 1).

conocer chicas en phoenix First up, Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator. I can’t explain how good this smells – it’s like oranges and yumminess!  The exfoliator itself is gorgeous. Applies really well and a little bit goes a long way. Once rinsed off with warm water, my skin does look radiant and fresh. Again, the smell is just wow. I actually got this in a Christmas gift box in 2013 and I was banging on about it so much to my mum, that she bought it again last Christmas (love you mum!). I also like to use my No7 ‘head band thingy’ when pampering!

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source link This is my first time using Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Day Cream. I’m quite particular with my face creams, some really don’t agree with my skin. However, this one is lovely. I would say my skin type is normal, but can easily become quite dry in bad weather. Some creams also make my skin greasy. I wear foundation too, so I liked to use a moisturiser that doubles up as a base cream. I’ve been using this every morning, it sinks into the skin straight away and keeps it hydrated throughout the day. The cream claims to reduce wrinkles and darks circles. Honestly, I believe drinking lots of water and sleep leads to my darks circles appearing reduced but, it does give a fresh face appearance. I think it’s still on offer in Boots, so give it a try.

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enter I will make this one short and sweet… YOU NEED THIS EYELINER. Estee Lauder Pure Colour ‘Intense Kajal Eyeline’ is the best eye pencil I’ve used. It glides on like a pen and the colour is really dark, with no horrible gaps. It’s just perfect and every girl needs one in their make-up bag.

I tend to have my favourite perfumes and stick to them, although it’s always nice to be introduced to a new one when given as a present. My fave perfume of all time is the classic ‘Ralph’ by Ralph Lauren. For my recent Birthday I was given a different Ralph Lauren perfume ‘Big Pony Pink – Woman’s collection’ – which has a totally different smell. To me it smells very similar to the old Britney Spears ‘Fantasy’ perfume. I love the sweetness of it! It’s perfect for sunny Spring days and makes me feel a slightly more girly using a pink bottle!


Last but not least, natural/peachy nail varnish. I find these neutral pinks and peaches perfect for transitioning from Winter to Summer. I actually had a car salesman comment on my nail colour yesterday… ‘I like your nails, is that like a peach colour? Hmm very unusual…’ – I wasn’t quite sure how to respond aha.. The varnishes I’ve been using are No7 ‘Peachy Keen’ and Sanctuary Spa, but honestly, loads of brands have lots of gorgeous neutrals.

trading einsteiger ohne mindesteinzahlung binäre optionen What are your beauty specials this Spring? I would love to know… 🙂