Oxford Eats | Rola Wala

If you live in or near Oxford, it’s highly likely that you’ve heard about the newly opened Westgate Shopping Centre. This is a big deal for the city – and after approximately 10 years of talks, the shopping centre finally opened with a range of shops and new restaurants.

Lauren Ellen | Simple Spiced Christmas Cake

Simple Spiced Christmas Cake

If you didn’t already know, I LOVE Christmas. It’s the one time of year, where (most things) surrounding us is positive, pretty and happy!
Last year, I made Christmas cake for the first time.

Oxford Eats: Top steak outs

Oxford Eats | Top steak outs

Once upon I time, I would only eat a steak if it was ‘well done’. As I have gotten older, my steak’s become rarer. Maybe that has a lot to do with where I buy steak from. If eating at home, I tend to treat myself by going to the butcher, or sourcing the finest range in a supermarket.