Lauren Ellen | Simple Spiced Christmas Cake

Simple Spiced Christmas Cake

If you didn’t already know, I LOVE Christmas. It’s the one time of year, where (most things) surrounding us is positive, pretty and happy!
Last year, I made Christmas cake for the first time.

Lauren Ellen | raspberry and chocolate oatmeal cookies

Raspberry and chocolate oatmeal bites

I am always looking for healthy, but tasty alternatives – especially when it comes to snacking. I found inspiration for these raspberry and chocolate oatmeal bitesĀ on Pinterest. They are super easy to make, veggie friendly and gluten-free and taste yummy.

Chicken and Chorizo Paella | Lauren Ellen

Chicken and Chorizo Paella

I have to confess, that it has taken me until now to figure out that Paella doesn’t have to contain seafood, and with me not being a huge seafood fan, it instantly put me off ever eatingĀ paella.