Oxford Eats: Top steak outs

Oxford Eats | Top steak outs

Once upon I time, I would only eat a steak if it was ‘well done’. As I have gotten older, my steak’s become rarer. Maybe that has a lot to do with where I buy steak from. If eating at home, I tend to treat myself by going to the butcher, or sourcing the finest range in a supermarket.


Wining and dining in London

Last week, I turned 26 (eeek!) – I’m really not used to saying it yet. It seems scary knowing I’m in my ‘late 20’s’ – do I still qualify as mid 20’s? hmmm anyway…
To celebrate, my lovely boyfriend planned a night away in London. Wine tasting in the afternoon and dinner at ‘The Maze Grill’ (part of the Gordon Ramsay group).