What's hot on the High Street this Spring?

What’s hot on the High Street this Spring?

As much as I love a bit of snow, the last few days have made me realise how ready I am for Spring to arrive. Snow in December, great. Snow in February, not so great. It feels like it’s been cold forever at this point, and I’m really getting bored of wearing the same, dark jumpers to stop me from freezing to death (a tad dramatic!?).

Fuller bust swimwear (DD+) : the struggle continues

Firstly, I hope you’re all having a fab Summer! I am off on my week long holiday to Ibiza in just over a week and I cannot wait.
I love Summer fashion, but having a bigger bust, it can be a struggle finding the perfect bikini. Already this year, I’ve had to return 4 bikinis. I guess it depends where you buy them from and I do find you pay more for better fitting swimwear.

Top picks | Travel wallets

Top picks | Travel Wallets

I have a few trips planned this year which I am super excited about. Not only is it a great feeling when booking a holiday or short break abroad, but preparing for the journey is all part of the fun for me.