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10 essentials you will forget when moving home

10 essentials you will forget when moving home

I have a habit of over-planning and making too many lists (if that is even a thing!?), so when I moved in to my new home this week, I wanted to ensure we had all the essentials. I’m not talking plates, cutlery, mugs, etc, but the things that aren’t always obvious, until you actually go to use it!

It’s quite amazing how much you take for granted when living at home, a simple thing like a potato masher – who goes in to a shop and thinks I need to buy a potato masher? Yet, it’s likely we’ll need one at some point.

I’ve compiled my top 10 essentials you will forget when moving home – hopefully now, you won’t!

  1. A bed sheet – not the bedding set, the sheet!
  2. Vase – someone is bound to buy you flowers as a house warming gift.
  3. Washing up drainer – where else will you put the washing up when its wet?
  4. Bin bags – because you literally need a bin from the moment you walk in
  5. Toothbrush holder – I had this dilemma the other day, trying to balance a toothbrush
  6. Coat hangers – I never have enough coat hangers
  7. Tea towels – everybody needs one
  8. Tin / bottle opener – using your teeth to open a bottle of beer is massive NO!
  9. Door mat – because I live in England where it rains a lot = footprints in the house
  10. Stir fry pan / wok – I love those days where I can whack everything into a wok with some noodles or rice!

Have I missed anything? Let me know your essential items when moving home in the comments section 🙂