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10 things to make you smile on a Monday

10 things to make you smile on a Monday

For most people, Monday can be a bit of a down day – the weekend is over and you’re back at work but hey, it could be worse!

Here are 10 things to make you smile on a Monday:

1. It’s nearly, very nearly Spring

I had a gorgeous view from my bed this morning – a blue sky and a pink, blossoming tree. I instantly smiled because, although it’s still rather chilly outside, Spring is definitely just around the corner. The clocks go forward this weekend which means longer evenings and hopefully, soon, rising temperatures!

2. ‘The Walking Dead’ is on 

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know how much I love this show. I can’t believe there are still people in the world that haven’t seen at least one episode. My Monday’s are so much easier to get through knowing my fave show is on in the evening – yes, it’s sad. The only annoyance is I have to avoid looking at #thewalkingdead on Twitter during the day as America gets to watch it on Sunday night – thank god for spoiler alerts!

3. It’s another day closer to pay day

Is it only me that finds March to be the longest month ever…? Times are hard, I’m broke already – probably shouldn’t have bought that Mac lipstick…

4. It’s acceptable to start using fake tan regularly again

Throughout Winter, I only top my tan up every other week! I’m overly conscious about standing out like a sore thumb with my beautiful, golden tan in January. Now, it’s nearly March and I’ve been tanning every week for the last 3 weeks and I love looking healthy again. I usually use quite expensive tanning mousses such as, St Tropez or No7 but I’ve discovered a few budget brands that have had brilliant results – I have a post coming up soon about this, so keep an eye out.

5. The petrol light didn’t come on when you got in the car this morning

I know it isn’t just me that thinks ‘Oh I’ll get petrol in the morning’ because you can’t bare the rush hour traffic after work and simply, just want to get home quicker. That’s until you are running late in the morning, totally forgotten you need petrol and get in to your car to see your petrol on nearly empty. GRRRR!

6. Easter is approaching i.e. long weekend (without using any annual leave)

Easter is also a fab excuse to eat as much chocolate as you like. My usual line: ‘I’d better not let these eggs go to waste’.

Also…. long weekend people!

But if you’re reading this post in a few months time, then it’s BBQ season to smile about, and anytime after that, well, it’s nearly Christmas 😉

7. You had a reason to get up this morning

It seems like an obvious one, but seriously, I think sometimes we forget that it’s actually a privilege to wake up to go to work/school/college/uni or just simply have something nice planned; regardless of how tired I was this morning and how much I moaned about having to get up…

8. It’s only 3 whole days until Friday… yay!

Got to love the optimism, but actually, it’s true 🙂

9. SS16 arrivals

More specifically, the Summer arrivals on the Kurt Geiger website… Whilst smiling at the thought of weather warm enough to wear sandals, I did sigh when I remembered I’m supposed to be saving for a house deposit – ‘Shoes or house, shoes or house….’

10. You can start again…

I think sometimes we just need Monday to come round, to give us a kick up the bum. The popular phrase: ‘I will start on Monday’ springs to mind, but seriously, why not start today. Whether it’s a new hobby, new diet, new fitness regime, new schedule – let’s get motivated on a Monday!