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5 Happy Moments

5 Happy Moments

I love reading ‘5 things…’ or ’10 things…’ posts, and I’ve been meaning to start my own series for a while now. In a bid to not replicate other bloggers (and piss them off!), but to try and spread the love, I’m launching ‘5 happy moments’. I hope in some way, it will distract you from any lows – so here’s to making each other smile!

1. I’m officially living with a boy

Me and Joe have been saving for a while now, and have been in two-minds about whether to take the plunge and buy a house with a smaller deposit, or to rent and scrape more pennies together. But actually, it turns out even our small deposit isn’t enough for what we want (we don’t want a lot, just a normal house!). Oxford house prices are just ridiculous, recently being listed as the most expensive place to live outside of London! With all of the Brexit uncertainty still, I’m partly hoping something good will come out of it and the house prices will drop slightly (I’m not holding my breathe!).

Either way, the exciting news is we have secured a 2-bedroom house for the year and we are moving in on Monday! I’m super excited and have spent weeks lusting after furniture that is way out of my price range. It seems mad to rent and save, but it’s something that is do-able as long as we are sensible with our monies (must stay away from River Island!). I’ll keep you all posted on how the move is going on Snapchat and Instagram.

2. AW16 Collections

We all know it’s coming, but I still get excited when the new season hits the high street! Most of the Summer sales are out of the way now and as much as I do love Summer trends, I LOVE Autumn colours. The warm nudes and oranges literally give me life. However, it’s painful not having a load of disposable income (ref. point 1 LOL!). However, not all is lost, I have created a new board on Pinterest and have enjoyed pinning away at all my new season favourites!


So it has been a few weeks since it all kicked off in the tent for this year’s Great British Bake Off. It’s also taken me a few weeks to really get back in to it again. I think I missed the second episode and felt massively out of the bake off loop! It’s that one hour a week where I can escape from everything and focus on a group of people baking. It’s total escapism and I love it. Although I must state, I am totally devo about Val getting the boot, I mean, who didn’t love her?!?!? I’m not even going to talk about Mel, Sue and Mary leaving, I just can’t… meh!

4. Box set binge

So at the weekend, Joe was away for a stag do, which meant I had the whole of Saturday to catch up on Orange is the New Black. I’m only on series 2 so have loads more catching up still to do! I literally spent the day in my grey joggers, fluffy socks, eating macaroni and pizza, watching Netflix….. total bliss! Everyone needs to have a day like this once in a while 🙂

5. A staycation in Cheddar, Somerset

So this happened the week before last but hey, I can make one exception! The name kind of gives it away, but did you know Cheddar is home to the original Cheddar cheese, like cave matured cheddar cheese?

We decided that going abroad was probably not going to happen this year (again, ref. point 1), so we decided to have a few nights away in the countryside. We rented a lodge for 4 nights in Cheddar, Somerset and it was amazing. The lodge was just pure luxury, featuring an outdoor hot tub and stunning views of the countryside. We decided to walk up Cheddar Gorge on our first day, which was terrifying and fun. If you ever attempt it, be prepared to walk on a ridiculously slippery incline for a few miles. Once you reach the top, the views are worth it! I’d highly recommend visiting here, and/or experiencing a lodge break. As my first lodge break, it was everything I needed to wind down for a few days.

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How’s this week been for you? Are you as shocked as me about Brangelina and Bake Off? Let me know in the comments!