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5 must-listen to podcasts

5 must-listen to podcasts

Ok, so I accept that I’m quite late to join the podcast world. In fact, I only listened to my first podcast series last month. I got bored of having to choose between my Spotify playlists or dead silence in the office, so I ventured out.

I googled something along the lines of ‘good podcasts to listen to?’ – as you can imagine it came up with loads of options!

It seems that there’s a podcast for everyone – some are actual shows with presenters / topics to discuss, some are comedies and others are fictional dramas or real-life crime documentaries.

I’ve compiled my top 5 must- listen to podcasts. As a newbie listener, these podcasts had me hooked from the get-go!


A thriller/mystery/ drama – Homecoming had me hooked from the beginning. David Schwimmer is one of many high profile actors to feature on this series. The podcast focuses on a caseworker working at an experimental facility for soldiers who have returned from overseas war zones – not all is what it seems.

Life After

I wasn’t sure about this at first but it’s actually really good. It reminded me of an episode of ‘Black Mirror’. The use and abuse of social media / online networking platforms is once again addressed. Ross is a low-level employee at the FBI, who converses daily with his wife – who died 8 months ago…


Serial is a documentary/ investigation into a real life murder case from nearly 20 years ago. A 19-year old boy is found guilty of murdering his 18-year old high school sweetheart. Currently serving a life sentence – we review the evidence and many flaws in the case. Did he do it?


This reminds me of the show ‘Scandal’ – without all of the intense love scenes. It’s a very American, white-house drama. A not so popular candidate has become president elect and the current president is out to stop him becoming president – at any cost! It’s very close to reality…

We’re alive

‘An audio theatre for the mind’ – during a zombie-type apocalypse, a group of survivors try to find out what’s happened and what to do next. I think that’s all I need to say… the first episode had me gripped. The Walking Dead is one of my favourite shows so having a podcast version has made me very happy.