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Lauren Ellen | New York City


Welcome to Lauren Ellen!

I’m Lauren, a twenty-something marketer from Oxford, I like to think of myself as a bit of a foodie.

I love to travel, eat a lot and spend too much money on clothes and shoes. I’m passionate about putting Oxford on the ‘foodie’s map’. I think it is massively over-looked for it’s lovely eats!

My blog tends to focus a lot on food, as it’s a great passion mine. Food is what makes me happy, and I love nothing more than getting dressed up to go out and try a new restaurant. I’m also a huge fan of getting in to my old, grey joggers and cooking up something yummy, like my chicken and chorizo paella!

I try to travel as much as I can – recent trips have included New York City and Dominica Republic!

Another love of mine, which isn’t as heavily featured on my blog as I would like, is fashion. I’m constantly adding bits to my wishlists on various websites!

Some of my other loves: golden rum, laughing, random nights out, TV box sets (especially ‘The Walking Dead’), quinoa, peppermint tea, warm weather, red wine, pasta and black clothing (I can’t help it!)

Some of my dislikes: milky tea (yuk!), cold food, rain, air-con, mushrooms, traffic and bad manners.