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Fighting those February fitness blues

Fighting those February fitness blues

Every year, we set ourselves the new years resolution of losing weight, or getting into shape – I know, I do.

In fact, I feel I spend most of my time worrying about what I’m eating and how I should probably go the gym more… motivation can be hard to come by, especially when you get to this point in the year.

It’s mid-Feb and most new resolutions made have been broken, but who said that had to be it!? Let’s just pick ourselves up and start again.

I think sometimes setting a specific resolution for a specific time can be harder to stick to, simply because you’re more conscious of it. I totally understand when people bang on about making lifestyle changes not ‘fad’ changes.

I’m by no means a saint – in fact, I’ve barely made a start on my ‘new years’ resolutions, let alone them break them!

However, I will learn to play the piano… if not now, one day.. and I will love my body again! It’s little changes that make a big difference, so I have tried to make small substitutes in my daily routines, that I know I can’t break – it is a lifestyle change!

To help me keep motivated with my fitness goals, I was sent a fitness kit as part of the #WEfitnessgoals campaign. It came with some really useful bits, that I probably wouldn’t have thought of getting myself. My fave was the pink water bottle! Other things included a personalised hoody, Naked fruit treats (which I’d never tried before!), a lock (for the gym – genius!) and meal planner.

By the way meal planners are the way forward, I actually already have one that sits on my fridge – yes, it’s magnetic! But this additional one ensures I’m fully stocked up. Meal planning saves pounds in your purse and on the scales – do you like what I did there aha!

How are your new year resolutions going? Are you on a mission to get fitter? Let me know in the comments