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Laura Mercier | Secret Camouflage

Laura Mercier | Secret Camouflage

Laura Mercier | Secret Camouflage

Ok, so I’d seen this concealer feature on a few beauty blogs I follow on YouTube. I’m always trying to find the perfect concealer, so wanted to give it a go…. then I saw the price. My expensive make-up tends to come in batches twice a year; Christmas and my Birthday! So when I remembered I still had a House of Fraser gift card from Christmas I got a little over-excited.

I chose the ’02’ shade which was a good guess on my part, because it matches well. I would probably go a tad darker for the summer, but it isn’t significant.

Firstly, when the product arrived it was wrapped and packaged so nicely – as a marketer I’m a complete sucker to pretty packaging. I really should know better!

The concealer is a good size and I can already tell it will last a good amount of time. I applied mine over my foundation  (as advised) and it does feel quite dry at first, but once applied evenly over the skin it seems to blend in with my skin nicely.

As with most products, the more you use it, the looser it becomes, so easier to apply.

So… is it worth £26.50?

Well it’s clearly a high quality product and it does cover really well, so if you can afford it then yes, it’s worth the money. If not, then there are plenty of good concealers out there for a lower price. I’d recommend trying Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer.