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My Netflix addiction

My Netflix addiction

It’s true…

I actually have a Virgin Media TiVo box that just goes to waste. I’m not suite sure what I’m paying for… well I do, the FOX channel so I can watch ‘The Walking Dead’ – best show in history, ever!

Netflix just has everything I need, lots of random TV series for me to become addicted to. Does anyone in the world just watch 1 episode of something on Netflix? I think this is literally impossible for me to do.

So, for those of you that hasn’t got Netflix or for those of you that have, and looking for a new series to start, I’m going to give you a sneaky peak in to what I’ve been watching…

1. The Killing

I have just started Series 4 of ‘The Killing’ and it is one of those shows you become consumed by. The story lines are so intense and the characters are deep but brilliant, you cannot, I repeat not, watch just one episode. There are lots of cliffhangers and twists that just keep you hooked. The two main characters are Detective Holder and Detective Lindon – who both have complicated pasts. Their personal stories are played throughout the series as well the murder investigations. I cried during the first few episodes because the acting was so powerful. The first 2 seasons focus on one particular story/murder and the third series is a new investigation. Not sure where series 4 is heading as I have only watched the first episode. The show overall is written perfectly and I haven’t seen a murder/detective/drama as good. Some people may compare it the UK’s ‘Broadchurch’ – which I still haven’t seen in full. What I do know is, the writers have said there will NOT be a fifth series of ‘The Killing’! Rubbish!


2. Breaking Bad

I’m sure you have heard about this show… and the plot. If you are one of the small minority of people to have not started watching this, then I have to pre-warn you… it’s a grower. The show is about a science teacher ‘Walter’ who is diagnosed with cancer. He realises that he has nothing to leave his struggling family, so comes up with a plan. After bumping in to an ex-student and drug user ‘Jesse’, Walter has the idea to make and sell crystal meth in order to save money before he dies. However this doesn’t go exactly to plan…

There some pretty slow episodes throughout the series but it does get you hooked! The characters are a massive strong point in this show – I found myself watching 5 episodes in a row once! There are 5 seasons – these are long seasons with loads of episodes. Remember, don’t be put off by the first few episodes, it takes a bit of time to get in to. My favourite character is ‘Mike’ – he’s a cool, gangster grampa…. yes, really. Luckily, they have recently released a spin-off series called ‘Better call Saul’ – he’s a brilliant comedy character in Breaking Bad. I won’t say any more as I don’t want to ruin it!


3. Grimm

I’m not sure how big this show is in America? I know noticed that the new series is being shown in the UK on Sky Watch. I have only seen the first 2 seasons of this show – why? – because I was late watching it, and Netflix aren’t showing season 3 (no idea why). So, I am stuck in no mans land waiting for repeats of season 3 to be aired.

Ok, so this show is nothing like I expected it to be. My boyfriend actually suggested watching this as his parents were saying how good it was. It was on Netflix so I thought I’d give it a watch (I was dubious though). Well…. do not judge a book by its cover! The intro to the show is really lame, but the show itself is awesome. It’s based on the Grimm stories, and the main character Nick (a detective) realises he can see different sides to people – their monster sides – revealing him to be a very small minority of ‘Grimms’ left in the world. As the seasons go on, Nick and his partner – who looks like Dr Dre – solve murders, destroy monsters, befriends monsters and much more… Oh I forgot to mention, this is set in modern day, so no one knows Nick is a Grimm…. or do they? A really light hearted, fun series to get into. A tad jumpy at parts (it’s called ‘Grimm’, what did you expect?) but not really scary… I can’t wait to watch seasons 3 and 4!


4. American Horror Story

Believe the hype… this show is weird and freaky. On my Netflix there are 3 seasons available to watch – the 4th just finished on FOX, which I haven’t seen yet. Every season is totally different, i.e. different story, different era, different characters, etc. The first season focuses on a modern day family moving in to a new house… this house has a history… and the family have issues – can you see where this is going? The first episode had me covering my eye, but I am huge wimp and didn’t know what to expect. Fact is, this show hold no boundaries. It is really dark and weird… but I got really in to it and wasn’t scared at all (well, mostly). The second series focuses on a mental asylum in the 60’s. In all of the series they cut across time, so they will show a scene about something that happened in 1940, then cut to modern day. It all relates. The third season focuses on a witch coven in modern day, but again shows flashback. This series is the one I found most gruesome… like I said the writers do not hold back. Jessica Lange plays a main character in all three seasons (I believe she does in fourth one too) – she is simply amazing. She is so believable and for me her acting was particularly good in season two. There’s no point in me going in to detail about every character for every series, you just have to watch it! I was gutted to hear Jessica Lange won’t be returning for season five, but heard Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer will be in it!


5. Dexter

I LOVE this show! I never watched it when it was actually still running, it was discovered due to my Netflix addiction. Dexter recently finished and there are 8 season altogether. The focus of the show is on the main character ‘Dexter’ – a Forensic scientist/blood expert working for the Miami metro who also happens to be a serial killer, with a horrific past. The thing I love about this show, is that although Dexter is essentially a psychotic serial killer, you sympathise with him. He only kills off those who slip through the justice system i.e. bad people. His obsession with killing and blood goes much deeper though and throughout the show you learn about his past and why he has turned out the way he is. No one knows Dexter’s secret but there’s only so many people that can keep disappearing before suspicions are raised. The show also focuses a lot on Dexter’s relationship with his sister ‘Deb’, who also happens to work for Miami metro. Deb is a kick-ass character with a potty mouth, you can’t help but love her. So many good characters in this show, I could go on… It’s one of the better series I’ve watched so definitely give it a go.


6. Homeland

Without a doubt, the best programme after ‘The Walking Dead’ – you just can’t beat Rick and his gang fighting zombies. I first started watching ‘Homeland’ on a flight to Turkey. I realised that my budget flight meant I had literally nothing to do for over 5 hours, so I quickly downloaded series 1 of ‘Homeland’. I started watching… and I couldn’t stop. This show is so intense, it has you on the edge of your seat and the cliffhangers mean you cannot stop watching it! I have watched all 4 seasons now and honestly, the 4th season is the best one yet! How is that even possible… the other 3 were amazing. Claire Danes who plays ‘Carrie’ – the main character – is out of this world (I think she’s won an award for this role). The focus of the show originally is on the character ‘Brody’ – an American soldier, who was taken captive by a terrorist group whilst in Iraq. He is kept captive by this group for nearly 8 years and suddenly he is found. He is brought back to America and a lot has changed in the 8 years he’s been away. Carrie also has a theory that Brody isn’t the same guy who left 8 years ago… Cannot wait for season 5 to start!

So there you have it – my top 6 shows which are fuelling my Netflix addiction!

What are you watching on Netflix? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below 🙂