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Oxford eats | Atomic Burger

Oxford eats | Atomic Burger

I feel people sometimes underestimate the importance of a good burger! Atomic Burger (aka Atomic Pizza) has 2 locations, Oxford and Bristol.

Atomic Burger pretty much allows you to create your own burger/pizza in addition to providing a good variety of their own creations for you to chose from – all named after a famous person / character. There is a real retro vibe throughout the restaurant, with throwback cartoons / characters from the 80s and 90s.

Lauren Ellen | Oxford eats | Atomic Burger Lauren Ellen | Oxford eats | Atomic Burger Lauren Ellen | Oxford eats | Atomic Burger

I’ve been to Atomic Burger quite a few times and I always spend a good 10-15 minutes deciding which burger to go for. On my most recent visit I noticed their menu had changed slightly, which meant we had a lost a few items – I was most sad about losing the Mia Wallace shake! Most of the menu seemed to have stayed the same, which is good.

To start, I love the Buffalo wings, which are usually nice and crispy with sauce on top.

Lauren Ellen | Oxford eats | Atomic Burger

For my main I went for the Chuck Noris burger (chicken) with garlic mayo instead of BBQ sauce. BEWARE! The garlic mayo is seriously strong so if you are planning on kissing anybody after the meal, probably best to avoid this!

Lauren Ellen | Oxford eats | Atomic BurgerLauren Ellen | Oxford eats | Atomic Burger

Joseph opted for a double burger option which he managed to polish off pretty well.

Lauren Ellen | Oxford eats | Atomic Burger

My favourite drink here is the ‘Largarita’ – basically a Margarita with a bottle of corona thrown in – amazing!

Lauren Ellen | Oxford eats | Atomic Burger

If you happen to find yourself to be a burger fan and in the Oxford area, I recommend you try out Atomic Burger. It can get quite busy so booking prior to arrival is recommended. I do find that the food sometimes suffers when they are super busy – not in a big way, and it is still really enjoyable but some days are definitely nicer than others.

P.s. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see more of my burger discoveries – it’s turning into a ‘thing’!