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Reviving my blog for 2016

Reviving my blog for 2016

So, after much deliberation I took the plunge at reviving my blog for 2016. I gave my blog a whole new makeover and name. It was sad to say goodbye to ‘The Second Opinion’, but I felt the name didn’t really represent my blog’s content anymore.

When I started blogging, I wanted to review and give insight to things, mainly products. Now, I tend to just give insight into what I’m up to in life, without a strong opinion or review to match it. My blog has also gone from being quite beauty oriented to more lifestyle and food/ travel.

‘Lauren Ellen’ is simply me – and that is what my new blog is, me – travelling around, eating lots and admiring new fashion trends.

The layout is a working progress. I have a look in mind and I’m trying to reach it whilst juggling my full-time job – it takes up so much time! I had issues with the initial set up and then errors with uploading photos, but all seems fine now! *fingers crossed*

I hope you all like it and would love any feedback you have!