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Taking Stock | 01

Taking Stock | 01

I love reading these kind of posts. They remind of being a teenager and obsessed with those quizzes in magazines!

So every month, I will be ‘taking stock’. Hopefully it will give you (my followers) a nice, little insight to me too.

Making: plans for my short break to Scotland next week – very excited.
Cooking: red lentil soup – lebanese style *yum*
Drinking: sparkling water of course!

Reading: blogs! I’ve discovered some great ones and vlogs!
Wanting: to be healthier and slimmer¬†– I’m trying!
Looking: for new clothes. New job = new wardrobe right?!
Playing: a new playlist I created on Spotify – old skool baby…
Wishing: I was on a beach…
Enjoying: being spoilt by everyone at work – it’s my last day in the office
Liking: my nails – they are growing, finally!
Wondering: how to have my hair tonight .. maybe an up-do
Loving: this amazing cake my colleague made.. raspberries and lemon <3
the weather brightens up for my trip next week…
Needing: a new phone.. can’t decide which one to get
Smelling: like Ralph Lauren
Wearing: dark blues jean (super comfy) and a pastel pink top from Next – keeping it casual
Noticing: someone is getting their car cleaned in the company car park
Thinking: I really need to¬†clean my car…
Giggling: at some of the conversations I’m over-hearing
Feeling: a mixture of sad and excited… as mentioned above, it’s my last day at work so I will miss everyone but also really excited about the future…