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Taking Stock | 03

Taking Stock | 03

I can’t believe another month has passed already…. time for ‘Taking stock | 03’.

Making: an effort to not put my head on my desk and zZZzzZZ
Cooking: nothing new lately due to lack of time! Bad I know. I’m going to stick with Kabuto chicken Ramen noodle soup for  lunch.
Drinking: a warm cup of tea… perfect
Reading: Do work emails count?!
Wanting: to finish work so I can start my long weekend! Friday and Monday off = win!

Looking: outside and it’s sunny… yeay!
Playing: Nada…
Wishing: these sniffles I’ve woken up with could go away. I have the worst immune system 🙁
Enjoying: the feel of my chunky new scarf from ASOS.. it’s so warm! You can find it in my ‘Tassel Takeover’ post.
Liking: that the weather forecast isn’t bad for this weekend….
Wondering: if I’ll be scared when zip lining through the Welsh valleys tomorrow – it seemed like a good idea when I booked it..
Loving: that I remembered to grab a packet of crisp when leaving the house this morning… literally saving me right now.
there’s no traffic later on – I’ve got to drive from Oxford to North Wales …. fun times
Needing: some food… is it lunch time yet?
Smelling: like my fave Ralph Lauren perfume, of course!
Wearing: black work trousers (NEXT) Black, long sleeve top with a lush scoop neckline (ASOS) and my big, chunky scarf (ASOS) – I’m feeling my black clothing today lol..
Noticing: that I should probably crack on with some work…
Feeling: like I’m getting a cold… fab!