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Taking Stock | 04

Taking Stock | 04

I’ve been a bit absent from my blog lately. No particular reason apart from the obvious, too busy with work, etc. I’m not a fan of just writing any old nonsense, just so I can constantly have posts flying out, hence why I’ve not posted much in the last few weeks.

I’m due a ‘Taking Stock’ post, so what perfect timing to let you all know what I’ve been up to!

Making: lots of lists and plans for Christmas! I’m willing the end of November to come around so I can officially get in to the festive mood!
Cooking: tonight I am making my homemade turkey burgers! I probably should do a recipe post on this, as they are super easy and healthy!
Drinking: warm cup of coffee – my office is so cold at the moment ( we keep battling with the boys about having the heating on!) so hot drinks are essential right now
Reading: ‘It’s not me… it’s you!’ by Mhairi McFarlane – still haven’t finished this! Argh.. this is my mission for the next week or so. I really want to start reading the new Dawn French book. Is it any good?
Wanting: lunch… feeling quite hungry now.
Looking: at my bank balance, willing for pay day to happen a few days early… haha..
Wishing: I could be one of those ‘naturally skinny’ girls….
Enjoying: all of the sales at the moment – even though I can’t actually afford anything until the end of the month. My ‘ASOS favourites’ bag is getting ridiculously long!
Liking: that I can start watching Christmas films – officially – after this weekend!
Wondering: if to eat my soup before going to the shop, or eat it after…. hmmmm
Loving: that I’ve pretty much completed my itinerary for NEW YORK!!!!
Hoping: it doesn’t rain…
Needing: a bit of pampering… the cold weather plays havoc with my skin!
Smelling: like Ralph Lauren Polo 😉
Noticing: that I really should eat now because I’m hank..
Feeling: hungry!