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Taking stock | 05

Taking stock | 05

It’s been a while since I wrote a ‘Taking Stock’ post – but I do love them. I was thinking of switching it up next month and trying the ‘5 things..’ post. Hmmm we will see….

So what’s been happening with me? Honestly, nothing too exciting. I’ve been mad busy at work and I pretty much eat dinner and go to sleep. However, I have quite a busy March planned, starting with my birthday (which was yesterday) and I have a fab weekend planned – starting with beer tasting in London tomorrow, then checking in to a gorgeous hotel (keep updated with pics on my Instagram) then dinner near Tower Bridge. I will tweet and insta as much as possible!

Making: an effort to not eat any biscuits
Cooking: I’m back on the quinoa flex – with lemon and pea shoots! Hmm maybe I should post the recipe on here…
Drinking: Peppermint tea – literally addicted to the stuff at the moment plus it’s caffeine free
Reading: The latest ‘Women’s Health’ magazine – Jessie J is on the cover and looks amazing…. meh!
Wanting: 6pm to hurry up so I can go home and get excited about my long weekend – in London tomorrow for more birthday celebrations, super excited
Looking: at my nails thinking: ‘why did I go for Barbie pink?’
Wishing: I had more effort to go to the gym in the last few weeks leading up till my birthday. My plans include lots of eating and drinking…. so I’m really going to regret it after eeeek!
Enjoying: being 27 – one day in and all is good! ahaha
Liking: that ASOS sent me a 20% off code for birthday.. win!
Wondering: if all my answers will be birthday oriented…. probably…. I’m allowed 🙂
Loving: the article about how one glass of red wine = 1 hour in the gym.. yes really – check it out. 
it doesn’t rain this weekend – tomorrow is looking ok. Saturday not so much!
Needing: that spa day I’ve booked for next Friday… my body aches all the time… *slight moan*
Smelling: like Britney Spears ‘Fantasy’ – judge me all you like, but there is something satisfying about smelling like candy.
Wearing: Coral/orange blouse from Dorothy Perkins (get it here) and a gorgeous necklace also for DP (see it here) and my trusted black jeans which I have had forever… think they were from ASOS.
Noticing: that I need some more peppermint tea…
Feeling: excited! Did I mention it’s my birthday weekend??! 😀

Have a fabulous March everyone!