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Taking stock | 06

Taking stock | 06

It’s been a hectic few weeks and once again, I can’t believe it’s time for Taking stock 06.

I’m determined to get my blog regularly updated again. It really is tough working full-time, doing freelance then trying to run a blog – and have a life! Aha…. All fun and games..

However, I’ve been making time on my lunch breaks to stay up to date with some of my favourite blogs. One post I recommend you check out is over at Jasmin Charlotte – Jasmin has listed some really useful resources for bloggers to use. I always learn something new!

Anyway, time for taking stock 06…..

Making: a schedule so I can actually blog more than once a week – if that! I’ve really struggled to pull all my content together recently. I need to start planning and making time for writing posts.
Cooking: Fajita Friday in my house tonight!
Drinking: Mint flavoured green tea – yes, I’m still on the green tea flex 🙂                                                                                   Wanting: today to go super quickly – I’m already in weekend mode!
Looking: for a house, a holiday, new clothes….. everything I can’t afford at the moment
Playing: with Adobe Lightroom – does anybody else use this? I’m trying to get the hang of it.
Wishing: I was on a beach…with a cocktail…
Enjoying: Spring! Finally, flowers and trees are blossoming – shame about the April showers!
Liking: my new exercise routine! Yes after months of moaning about how I should go to the gym because I feel chubby, I have finally got back in to it. Several games of Badminton and spin classes so far – I feel so much better already!
Wondering: how I will get on at trampolining tomorrow. I’m going to a trampoline park with some friends tomorrow, and I’ve not been on one since school!
Loving: Sia and Sean Paul’s new song… It makes me wanna shake my booty. ‘I don’t need no mooooney’ – quite fitting really ahaha…
that it warms up soon so I can have a BBQ.
Needing: some new gym pants/leggings – honestly, I need something padded for those spin classes… ouch!
Smelling: like Britney Spears ‘Fantasy’ perfume – I’m not even ashamed, it smells like sweets 🙂
Wearing: dark blues jean (super comfy) and a black basics top from ASOS – keeping it casual
Thinking: I really need some new clothes…
Giggling: at everything….. it’s the frickin’ weekend!
Feeling: excited.. I’ve got a good day planned for tomorrow and I’m looking forward to some down time on Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone!