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Taking stock | 07

Taking stock | 07

I feel like the year is going far too quickly, which is giving me less time to achieve everything I’d planned. On the plus side, it is May and that means the weather is finally warming up – let’s not forget those bank holiday weekends too. A highlight for me was receiving these lovely flowers (see above) from my other half – so pretty!

Here’s what I’ve been up to with ‘Taking stock | 07’.

Making: plans for next year – so last week, me and JB decided to book a trip to Dublin for March next year. But this isn’t just any trip as we will be going for the St Patricks celebrations .We were really lucky to book when we did as 80% of the hotels were already fully booked! Cooking: I baked a pie last weekend which was yummy. Take a look here!
Drinking: Peppermint tea – I love the stuff 🙂
Looking: at holidays – it’s getting me down knowing I haven’t planned to go away this year. Boo.
Playing: on trampolines! I went to Rush UK on Monday and it was so much fun. Do not underestimate how hard trampolining is though – 15 minutes in and I was exhausted!
Wishing: I was somewhere else…. no specific place aha!
Enjoying: The warmer weather – finally!
Liking: my new shoes. So, when I got paid last week, Kurt Geiger decided to have a 20% off everything sale. Three pairs of shoes later and I am happy Lauren!
Wondering: what to have for dinner tonight…
Loving: the thought of having a BBQ this weekend – and actually being able to eat outside! 
my mood improves – it’s one of those days 🙁
Needing: to win the lottery!
Smelling: fruity – I’m obsessed with this new moisturising cream I bought.
Wearing: black jeans (ASOS), burnt orange shirt with a gold necklace (DP) and tan shoes (Next).
Thinking: is it lunch yet?

Have you been up to anything exciting? Let me know in the comments!