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Taking Stock | 02

Taking Stock | 02

It’s been a while since ‘Taking stock 01’ so thought I’d enlighten you all with what I’ve been/am doing with myself… Enjoy!

Making: plans for my trip to New York! I’m going for 5 nights over new year and I’m so excited!
Cooking: lots of healthy food.. boring but true. I’m changing my ways – more to come on this soon!
Drinking: sparkling water obviously
Reading: ‘It’s not me… it’s you!’ by Mhairi McFarlane – nearly at the end now so will write a post for the blog when I finish!

Wanting: a new iphone – heard the new one is coming in the next week or so but not sure if I can justify spending so much money on a phone…hmmm
Looking: outside and it’s sunny… yeay!
Playing: this new playlist I created in spotify. It includes all of the hits from the 00s (my teen years) – Ja Rule & Ashanti, Nelly & Kelly….. Oh the memories…
Wishing: I didn’t have to go food shopping after work.. I really could do without it but my fridge is looking kinda empty :-/
Enjoying: the ‘warmish’ weather today…
Liking: my new blouse and necklace that I’m rocking at work today.. *someone went shopping at the weekend*
Wondering: if I will ever manage to save a large enough house deposit… bad times
Loving: that my nails are growing! It’s taken ages and several fatal breaks… but they are finally looking in a good state woo!
the time will go a little quicker so I can get out of the office…
Needing: a back massage.. these office chairs kill my back 🙁
Smelling: like my fave Ralph Lauren perfume
Wearing: Ooo I already said above but.. black jeans (ASOS) cream blouse (New Look) and my beaut, new necklace (Oasis)
Noticing: that I’ve finished my drink..
Feeling: mighty fine 🙂

*The image used is not my own*