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Oxford eats | The best pizza in Oxford

Oxford eats | The best pizza in Oxford

One Friday afternoon, I was sat at work craving a good pepperoni pizza! Not just the usual dominos take out style, but a freshly made, thin based type pizza. I was meeting my sister in town after work, so I was on a mission to find a good pizza restaurant that I hadn’t been to before. First stop…. Google! Simply typing ‘the best pizza in Oxford’, I was redirected (obviously) to TripAdvisor which had a full list. Top of this list was ‘The White Rabbit’ pub.

I knew straight away where this pub was, in fact, it used to be a hangout for the local ‘goths’, but had since been totally transformed into a pub that specialises in freshly made pizza!

Critically acclaimed and self proclaimed as the best pizza in Oxford, I had to try it out!

The White Rabbit is a tiny pub so without a reservation, it’s very hit and miss if you can nab a table. It was Friday night when I walked in without a reservation, and as expected it was very busy. Luckily for us, as we were about to give up and leave, one member of staff was making up a table for 2 with a mixture of outdoor and indoor furniture.. perfect!

Looking at menu, I knew I wanted pepperoni, however, the amount of variety and choice is amazing. They all sounded so good! My sister opted for the ‘Bufala’ – which is fresh Buffalo Mozzarella with tomato and basil – a classic.

I went to the bar to order a bottle of rose and 2 pizzas which totalled at just over £30! I couldn’t believe how bloody cheap it was.

Literally 10-15 minutes later the pizzas arrived at our table – they were huge and piping hot!

Honestly, I don’t always buy into the ‘best food in the world here’ signs on restaurants, but this place definitely deserves their status as best pizza around. It was the best tasting pepperoni pizza I think I’ve ever had, let alone in just Oxford. I did see a review online that said they make the best pizzas in the South-East!

The service was great and the atmosphere was very Oxford. Candlelit tables in a dark setting with mismatched dark furnishings, and quite a few ‘professors in the making’.

Lauren Ellen | Oxford eats | the best pizza in Oxford

I literally cannot wait to go back – but next time I have to take the rest of the family with me!