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What’s hot on the High Street this Spring?

What’s hot on the High Street this Spring?

As much as I love a bit of snow, the last few days have made me realise how ready I am for Spring to arrive. Snow in December, great. Snow in February, not so great. It feels like it’s been cold forever at this point, and I’m really getting bored of wearing the same, dark jumpers to stop me from freezing to death (a tad dramatic!?).

So, in a bid to inject some colour into my wardrobe – and diverting away from busy Oxford, which main shopping centre is currently under construction – I headed to Banbury Gateway Shopping Park for a little pre-season prep.

Shopping for Spring whilst it is snowing outside is quite bizarre, but it wasn’t long before I was distracted by this season’s new, bright prints!


My first stop was Next, which had all of their new Spring collection in. Bright florals, lots of lime (yes, lime), and ruffles. I fell in love with a classic LBD with bold, bright prints all over it – see it here. It would definitely give you a reason to go and find a bright lippy to match!

Whether it’s on your dress, jeans or even your gym pants, it’s quite apparent that pretty floral detail is the ‘in thing’ – and I love it!

What's hot on the High Street this Spring?

What's hot on the High Street this Spring?


Another trend that seems to have found its way back on to the high street is Stripes! I do a love a stripe top, but I have to be careful. I have to avoid the illusion of looking bigger than I am – I don’t need to look any bigger! I’ve had my eye on a top for a while, so seized the moment when I spotted it on the rail in New Look. It’s a total all rounder – wear it to work, dress it up for the evening with a leather skirt or just wear it down with jeans. Winner, winner!

What's hot on the High Street this Spring?

Marks and Spencer had some gorgeous stripes on display, especially the monochrome dress below. Warning: don’t look at it too long!

Yellows / Ochre

Whilst in Marks and Spencer, I searched for a blouse I had seen on Instagram. It was worn by Holly Willoughby on ‘This Morning’ and it was everything! You can manage my delight when I saw it staring at me – SOLD!
What's hot on the High Street this Spring?

There are very mixed opinions about mustard/ochre coloured clothing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, and already have a few tops which are a ‘mustard/yellow’ colour. I am so happy this is one of the top on trend colours this Spring – so much choice now! I’ll be trying on these gorgeous looks over the next week, so keep an eye on my Instagram!

So there it is. This Spring’s top trends to look out for. Floral details, stripes and yellow. I also noticed lots of pastel pinks and blues on the rails too, so look out for those.

Which Spring trends are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments.