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Wining and dining in London

Wining and dining in London

Last week, I turned 26 (eeek!) – I’m really not used to saying it yet. It seems scary knowing I’m in my ‘late 20’s’ – do I still qualify as mid 20’s? hmmm anyway…

To celebrate, my lovely boyfriend planned a night away in London. Wine tasting in the afternoon and dinner at ‘The Maze Grill’ (part of the Gordon Ramsay group). I’m a huge Gordon fan and watch every episode of ‘Hell’s Kitchen USA’…. so I was trés excited! Commence the ‘wining and dining’ in London!

Lauren Ellen | Wining and dining in London

So I will start with the wine tasting. We went to Vinopolis located next to London Bridge. There are mixed reviews on TripAdvisor for this place, as it was a guided tour, now taken over by interactive machines. We thought we’d give it a chance – so glad we did!

There’s a 15 minute ‘intro’ where a guide talks you through how to taste/smell/gurgle wine. It was really fun and actually quite interesting. You are also given some wine to taste in the intro.

Afterwards, you are let loose i.e. left to your own devices. There are different areas for different wines that have interactive stations to learn about your wine tastes and where the wines come from, etc. I must mention that when you book, you choose how many tokens you want as your package. You are given a ‘debit card’ with your token allowance on. When you want to try a wine at a station, you insert the card and it takes off the amount of tokens the wine is. We went for the top package (16 tokens). Bare in mind most 25ml wine tasters are 1 token each… yes 1 token… so I was a little merry at the end!

Lauren Ellen | Wining and dining in London

Lauren Ellen | Wining and dining in London

After a bottle of water and a few snacks, I was getting ready for my special dinner. The weather was awful when we left the hotel, I had to literally run from door to cab, cab to door with a coat over my head. I didn’t have the chance to take a picture outside of the restaurant as it was raining so bad!

We were greeted by a lovely man at the door, who took my coat and put it away. On the right-hand side there’s a cocktail bar and on the left side is the restaurant.

The restaurant itself is lovely, really warm and classy. The staff were incredible – there’s not much else I can say about them. We were treated like royalty and I didn’t have to refill my own glass once.

It is pricey here… but you already know that. It’s the Gordon Ramsay group located in Mayfair, London… it’s never going to be cheap.

I couldn’t quite believe that some of the steaks were over a £100 – without sides! Also a bottle of wine over £2,500 – must taste really good aha..

I went for a USD Prime 10oz Sirloin Steak (£45) and it was out of this world. Worth every penny along with the gorgeous bottle of red wine to accompany it.

Lauren Ellen | Wining and dining in London

The only thing I’d say as a slight negative, is the tables (for 2) are quite close together. I felt like I couldn’t talk too loud as others could hear me, but there is also music on so you do have to speak up a little bit. This really won’t stop me going back though.

After the meal we walked through to the cocktail bar and had a very pretty cocktail and called it a night. I would recommend ‘The Maze Grill’ to everyone.

All in all, a fab night in London for my birthday 🙂